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We are a group of creatives from around the world, co-creating to bring creative, turn-key, business solutions to entrepreneurs.

Officially launched in 2015, Caravane Creative was founded by Elysha Bastien. Her vision was to create a creative agency that helped entrepreneurs get their projects off the ground in meaningful ways, creating real positive impact in their communities. As a world traveller herself, she dreamt of working alongside other digital nomads from around the world, feeding off each other's creativeness, fresh perspectives, inspiring stories and different cultural backgrounds. Caravane Creative is officially based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada but is a wandering nomadic agency. We are currently set up in Tulum, Mexico, although we continue to work with our clients in Canada, USA, Brazil, Central America and Europe from wherever we are situated.

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We're Awesome

Adventurous people involved in a variety of fun projects.

We're Creative

Fresh new ways of engaging with your tribe.

We're Nomad

World travellers with broad perspectives and cool stories.

We're Connected

We are here for you, always just a click away.

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We believe in working smart and not just hard, which is why we always develop effective strategies or 'road maps' for our clients before jumping into any project.

Web Design

Everyone knows their clients are online these days. They are glued to their mobiles, so we help you connect with them directly where they are. Great websites, and applications for mobile and computers that make it easy for them to connect with your brand.

Visual identity

Visuals will always be the name of the game. We help develop your brand identity in creative ways that communicate your essence to your tribe. Woo them with the beauty of great branding.

Brand engagement

Connecting with your tribe in fresh, authentic ways help establish trust and increase your impact where it matters most. We help you grow your business by connecting socially in original and creative ways.

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We build remarkable businesses through creative marketing plans, web design and awesome brand identities.
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Business development - 7 years Experience
Marketing strategies - 10 years Experience
Online community growth - 7 years Experience
Web Development - 6 years Experience
Graphic Design - 6 years Experience

What our clients say

I had the pleasure of working with Elysha for the marketing aspect of my business. What a great discovery! Elysha is a passionate visionary who proved herself to be a very committed professional. Very quickly, she knew how to target the essence of my company and offer me very interesting possibilities that were both motivating and dynamic. Original, innovative and daring, she introduced me to a number of growth strategies that I would never have thought of. A true source of creativity and ideas! Elysha provides a personalized, human-centered business development service, all the while having at heart the expansion and success of each of her clients. She was able to advise me fairly and wisely, leaving no detail to chance. Her recommendations were very relevant and useful. I am not finished using her services, that I know! It was truly a pleasure to work with Elysha. I highly recommend her services.

Josyane Bissonnette - Founder, Je Veux Tout

Dynamic, creative and passionate! Elysha has a specific purpose: to bring her clients to a higher level, both in terms of marketing and business development. She carries out projects with great attention and brings innovative ideas. Having worked with her on several occasions, I would highly recommend her services. The results are excellent!

Maxime Armstrong - pluriels.ca

Elysha is a passionate, hard-worker who is goal orientated, always engaged and present for her clients. She has phenomenal PR skills and is always creating meaningful business relationships with her clients and partners.

Samantha Soucy - Centre Orchidée
I am a Visionary
Elysha Bastien Creative Studio Head
I am Creative
Gabriela De Marcos Design
I am a Nerd
Camo Paint Web Development
Angie Duran Web Marketing
Audray Racine Content creation
Annie Guglia Marketing Strategist
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